Customer story

Robust and heavy duty forklift for concrete and brick plant

Wöhrl Ziegel & Fertigteile produces bricks and prefabricated brick parts, such as solid roofs, and prefabricated concrete parts, such as element ceilings, balconies and special parts, in the Bavarian town of Berghaselbach near Freising - this combination of products is unique in Bavaria. The family business with more than 170 years of experience offers its customers a wide range of over 100 products. Konecranes is supplying the concrete and brick plant with a heavy-duty forklift especially designed for work in harsh environments.

Starting point

The brick and concrete plant in Berghaselbach produces precast concrete and brick parts up to 9 meters long with a stacking weight of up to 16 tons. After completion, the components are placed on double-T beams and transported to the external warehouse before being delivered. The external warehouse of the concrete plant is a challenge for air and oil filters: dust and other particles can settle in the oil and air filters of heavy-duty forklifts. The machine must therefore be particularly resistant. In order to lift and position the large and long double-T beams safely, the forklift also requires a particularly wide and flexible fork.

The solution

For Wöhrl Ziegel & Fertigteile, Konecranes designed an extremely robust heavy-duty forklift with a special fork extension and special tines, which picks up the long finished parts safely and with precision and transports them from production to the external warehouse and onto the truck. The Konecranes SMV 16-1200 C heavy-duty forklift safely picks up double T-beams up to 4 meters long thanks to a special fork shape and fork extension – and also thanks to its hydraulically movable tines. They make picking up and transporting parts more flexible and faster. Moreover, the hydraulic system of the heavy-duty forklift is equipped with a HLL (Hydraulic Longlife) microfilter that collects
particles up to 3 μm.

Customer benefits

The new heavy-duty forklift, especially designed for Wöhrl Ziegel & Fertigteile, is able to work in harsh environments thanks to its high-performance filter system. With its hydraulic tines that can be moved individually to the left and right and its flexible fork extension, it also saves time when picking up the load and transports even large precast concrete parts safely from place to place.

“The grounds of our concrete and brick plant are dusty. To ensure that our concrete parts, which weigh up to 14 tons, are transported safely from the plant to the warehouse and onto the truck, all machines must work with high precision even under harsh conditions. The Konecranes heavy-duty forklift, with its specially adapted fork extension and high performance filter system, is ideal for use on our premises”.


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