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Innovative lifting by innovative building

Algeco GmbH is a leading specialist in modular services and infrastructure that uses steel frame modules as building materials for temporary structures such as pop-up shops, event facilities, and mobile hospitals, as well as long-term solutions such as schools, offices and residential buildings. Based in Kehl, southwest Germany, the company operates in 15 locations nationwide ensuring proximity to major metropolitan areas and construction projects. 

Customized equipment for specialized applications

Construction sites are always challenging work environments for materials handling. Algeco consequently needs lift trucks that are flexible when it comes to load handling and easy to maneuver in the unpredictable environment of the locations. Tight schedules require leading-edge material handling technology to ensure high handling rates and low operating costs, while maximizing uptime and minimizing emissions on the way to achieving eco-efficiency.

Algeco has ordered 23 forklift trucks during the last years and has a fleet of 15 Konecranes SMV 12-1200 forklift trucks. These sturdy machines with a box-type chassis and a short wheelbase for excellent maneuverability can easily and safely lift up to 12 tons. Each truck has been specially tailored for oversized loads and features a custom-made spreader that can handle all kinds of containers and modular building materials. An unusually tall mast, with a maximum height of 9800 millimeters, allows up to three containers high to be stacked on top of each other.

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The trucks are fitted with ergonomic controls, including a positioning indicator that facilitates the handling of different load sizes. The spacious cabin is surrounded by large, lowered front windows without corner posts for excellent visibility in all directions. Low-emission engines reduce fuel consumption and noise levels to minimize environmental impact. Not only that, all the forklifts are also Smart Connected Lift Trucks. TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring collects usage data that Algeco can easily access via the yourKONECRANES customer portal.

“The yourKONECRANES portal allows us to monitor the performance of our entire fleet around the country, including each truck’s productivity, operational efficiency and fuel consumption,” says Dominik Jungmann, Fleet Manager, Algeco. “We can also predict which parts we will need for future maintenance and repair. This minimizes downtime while optimizing our material handling resources.”


More than one way to be modular

Modular building has been growing in popularity for some time now. As a strong player in the German construction industry, Algeco requires high-quality equipment supported by excellent service to maintain its well-earned reputation for excellence throughout the country. The company’s long-term partnership with Konecranes, which dates back to the first Konecranes forklift in 2014, meets all these requirements. Whenever Konecranes equipment goes into action at a new building site, it impresses the customers with its productivity, while their usage data clearly shows low emissions, downtime and fuel consumption. Advanced technology, preventive maintenance and local service with Konecranes Deutschland have simplified fleet management and operational efficiency.

“Innovative building methods need innovative lift trucks,” says Hans-Jürgen Haupt, Sales Manager West Germany, Lift Trucks, Konecranes. “Like the structures built by Algeco, Konecranes equipment is also modular in design. Modularity allows fine-tuned customization with high levels of safety, productivity and eco-efficiency, while minimizing costs and maximizing flexibility into the future.”

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